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We repair garage doors

A garage door repair can extend the life of a door for years, if not decades.  I provide three primary garage door repair services in which I have over 30 years’ experience in.  My services include:

  • Recovery of doors with anti-drop mechanisms
  • Jammed and stuck doors reset
  • Lockouts

Typical Garage Door Failures

Canopy Type Garage Doors

  • Identified by ‘lift-wires’ within tracks to the sides
  • Door jammed in frame – usually at an angle
  • Lift-wire broken. Door again jammed in frame
  • Lift wire frayed
  • Roller Spindles damaged or worn (usually ‘flat-sided’)

Retractable Type Garage Doors

  • Identified by tracks extending back into garage at high level
  • Side spring broken
  • Roller spindles broken

Here we have a problem with a canopy type garage door in a Concrete Sectional Garage. A typical ‘tangle with a lift-wire which can be quite severe and jam the door. It represents a low-cost repair which can extend the doors life for many years.

This shows an example of a lift-wire having ‘jumped’ its groove on the cone – tilting the door in its travel. It can occur when being bumped by an obstruction upon opening or closing. These problems, in themselves, do not call for replacing the garage door.

LOCAL Garage Door RepairMAN

Established 1985

Areas I cover include:

"Had a very good experience with this company. Bob did an excellent job and talked us through the whole process. Great local company and excellent customer service."
Paul Dunn
"Highly recommended. Bob came round and ended up doing an excellent job in fixing my garage door, and for good value too. He was highly professional and friendly throughout the duration of the repair."
Mohamed Desouky
"Highly recommended - Bob provided a great professional and efficient service. Impressed with the quality of the repairs. My garage door now looks better than new."
Roger Clarke